Kinga Varga: Optimisation of the clustering of signed graphs

Signed graphs contain different types of relations towards actors in SNA. The assignment of a positive or negative relationship finds its roots in structural balance theory. The mathematical formalization of this concept was later added by Harary (1953) and Cartwright ( 1956, 1979). The generalisation specify subgroups with similar characteristics related to their links to other actors in the network. Subdividing actors into prespecified homogeneous blocks provides for the analysis of such network data related to internal and external characteristics. 

New PhD students start at RECENS

In the framework of the collaboration with the Sociology Doctoral School at the Corvinus University of Budapest, two new PhD students start their work at the MTA TK "Lendület" Research Center for Educational and Network Studies by 1 September, 2014. Tímea Szőke and Ákos Bocskor will participate in our project.