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RECENS is a research group led by Károly Takács, conducting high quality research with a primary interest in the interrelated dynamics of social networks, cooperation and competition in various social contexts. RECENS is part of Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. It is supported in the framework of the “Lendület” Program of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that is a prestigious grant for establishing new research groups in cutting-edge areas. RECENS is the only group that has received this support in the domain of sociology so far – and among the very few who received the grant in the social sciences. The project has started in September, 2012 and received an outstanding evaluation from anonymous academic referees in 2015. Thanks to this evaluation, the research group has been tenured.

The most important achievement of RECENS was that Károly Takács has obtained the Consolidator Grant of the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC-funded project has started in December, 2015 and investigates the role of gossip and reputation for the maintenance of social order and cooperation in different social contexts.

Negative gossip has been the important part of the original “Lendület” project as one of the negative relationships we measured in different contexts. Thanks to the new funding, the research group has been extended and includes new researchers from different disciplines. RECENS also received 2 OTKA / NKFIH (Hungarian Scientific Research Fund) grants (K112929 and 049432) and is part of the ongoing COST Action “PEERE- Frontiers of peer review”.

RECENS is located in Budapest, Hungary in the beautiful Buda castle, in a historical building with a pleasant courtyard. It is a peaceful and relaxing environment, which provides ideal conditions for research in the heart of a vivid city. RECENS has its “own” corridor” shared with scholars from sociology interested in social network analysis. In early 2017, the Centre for Social Sciences is expected to move to a new and modern building, which will be shared with scientists from other disciplines. The working environment is dedicated purely for research: no students are around and no noisy breaks interrupt intense concentration of work.

Regarding the academic environment, we organize our weekly seminar series on Tuesday afternoons. For the seminars, we invite outstanding scholars from Hungary and from Europe. We have good connections to other research units that are strongholds of network science and social network analysis in Hungary. We invite guest researchers time to time who work on closely related projects and collaborate with us. We organize a reading group weekly where we discuss the most recent breakthrough papers published in leading journals. Next to the PI, our own research group includes young and talented scholars (postdocs, PhD students, and selected Master students).

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Károly Takács is the Principal Investigator of the "Lendület" project and founder of RECENS. For more information please visit his website



Our group consist of seniors, researchers and interns. They all can be found on the members page. For a longer version click here!


In May 30, 2012 Károly Takács was awarded with the "Lendület" Grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

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Research interests: social networks, negative ties, status competition, structural balance, cooperation, school performance, peer pressure, roma integration

Methods: network panel data, agent based models, laboratory experiments, historical networks and political power relationships


Researchers who hold a presentation in our seminar series:

Researchers who hold a presentation in our seminar series and our co-authors in various projects: