Havadi Gergő

Havadi Gergő
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Tudományos segédmunkatárs (MTA TK Recens)
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Történeti és hatalmi hálózatok; Politikai elit a szocializmusban; Hierarchiák; Fogyasztástörténet; Szociometria; Társadalomtörténet


Networks of Rákosi Regime (1948-1956)

Political Elite Research and Historical Networks Analysis

Our research aims at the depiction and analysis of the commitment and loyalty relations of the Hungarian political elite in the hardest communist regime times, using various historical sources. In practice, we analyze relations within the Central Directorate (KV), which was the leading and most important body of the Hungarian Workers’ Party (MDP). We aim to reconstruct the dynamics of hierarchical relations at the leading bodies of the Party and the state. The research is pioneer and interdisciplinary in its nature, because it compounds historical and social science methods, some that are newly adopted on resources that have not been processed empirically yet. In this process, we also rely on the extensive party documentation available in archives with optical text recognition software, self-designed scripts, and text analysis. Records of the Party’s decisions and personnel are investigated at the first place.