Upcoming lecture: Letina Srebrenka (CEU CNS)

   3rd October 2017

Date: 3rd Oct 2017, 4PM  
Venue: HAS CSS "Lendület" RECENS Research Group, Conference Room
Address: H-1097 Budapest Tóth Kálmán street 4. T. building 1st Floor, Room 40
Title: Putting individuals back into the network: Some theoretical and analytical approaches on the individual-actor level attributes’ effects on network structure


In well-balanced social network research, besides focusing on social structure, usually some attributes of social actors are usually taken into account in order to arrive at more sophisticated inferences about social processes in the system. While the effect of actor attributes may be conceptualized through processes of social selection, social influence, or co-evolution of structure and attributes, the nature of those attributes depends on research question, and the methodological approaches used for analyzing them are work in progress.

In this seminar, we will start with presenting an application of auto-logistic actor attribute models in examining the role of some demographic and career actor attributes on the co-authorship networks of social scientists in Croatia. We will proceed with a more general overview of theory and previous research on the role of individual psychological attributes of actors on network structure, and present one project that aims to use experimental design employing the analysis of triads for studying this issue.


Letina Srebrenka

PhD candidate in network science, Center for Network Science, Central European University

PhD in psychology (Zagreb University)