Upcoming seminar: Róbert Pethes (Óbudai Egyetem)

   25th April 2017

Date: 25th April 2017, 4PM  

Venue: MTA TK "Lendület" RECENS Research Group, Conference Room

Address: H-1096 Budapest Tóth Kálmán street 4. T. building 1st floor


Introduction to agent-based simulations
If we would like to do a quantitative analysis of a complex system, we can build a mathematical model of the system. If this model is tractable, we can use it to analyse the system "analytically", or we can build a computer simulation according to the model. However, if the system is made up of independent agents, where the agents interact with each other and/or with their environment, we can build a computer simulation representing each agents and their interactions. This class of simulations is called agent-based simulations. In this seminar lecture, we will discuss the fundamentals of agents-based simulations: definitions, when to use, advantages, drawbacks, examples.